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Smoking and its Effect on Dental Health

Smoking Effects

Does cigarette or occasional cigar smoking effects with your dental health? Yes. Even smokeless tobacco products,  or vaping can impact the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Here are the most common smoking effects that we see in smokers:

Receding Gumlines

Being “long in the tooth” isn’t a natural process of aging. Gum recession is the result of trauma or infection around teeth, causing the gingiva to pull back. It can also be attributed to the use of tobacco products.

Oral Cancer

Smoking is just one of many risk factors associated with oral cancer. Carefully evaluate your mouth for signs of red or white lesions, sores that do not heal, bumps, or difficulty swallowing. At All on 4 Dental Implants (Nepean Dental Implants), we perform an oral cancer screening on at-risk patients, because early diagnosis is the most effective way to save someone’s life.

Stained and Discoloured Teeth

The smoke, tar, and stain from tobacco products sink into porous tooth enamel, making it look yellow and dark. This coloration can transform otherwise healthy teeth into a smile that appears aged decades older than what you are.

Bad Breath

It’s true that tobacco has a lingering odor that can penetrate everything from your clothes to your home. But it also changes the natural flora inside of your mouth, creating a specific type of halitosis that’s difficult to cover up. Chronic bad breath may not necessarily be a dental problem, but it is an emotional and social concern of those affected.

Hidden Gum Disease

Periodontal disease (“gum disease”) is the primary cause of adult tooth loss. Unfortunately, smoking causes the blood vessels inside of the gums to atrophy, decreasing blood circulation. This can cause the symptoms of periodontitis — primarily bleeding or swollen gums — to be masked by the use of tobacco products. As such, it may go undiagnosed until a dentist has examined you or the teeth become mobile.

Poor Healing

The decreased blood flow to your gums can make it more challenging for your body to heal sores, cuts, or recover from something like oral implant surgery (including wisdom tooth removal or dental implant placement.)

If you smoke, it’s extremely important to not overlook your regular preventative care appointments. Dr. Nav Singh recommends scheduling a checkup at least every six months for gum disease treatment, or more frequently if you suffer from gum disease.

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